Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Receiverships & Restructuring

Bankruptcy and Insolvency law is highly specialized and requires a keen understanding of the legislative scheme coupled with practical solution-based thinking. Cost-benefit analysis is vital when approaching these matters, and we provide advice with the client’s best interests in mind.

Bryan & Company has experience with files from both ends of the creditor-debtor spectrum, assisting clients who are having issues with solvency and assisting creditors who are trying to recover funds from insolvent parties. We also work on the front end of these issues, developing strategies that best suit clients’ needs before things enter into a formal proceeding like bankruptcy or receivership. This experience provides useful in approaching issues where a client is in a delicate financial situation.

Our lawyers have knowledge and experience with:

  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Receiverships
  • C.C.A.A. Protection
  • Corporate reorganizations or wind-ups
  • Debt restructuring