Commercial Litigation & Shareholder Disputes

When businesses are involved in a conflict, there is much at stake, including the ongoing relationship between all those involved. Our focus in commercial litigation is to ensure that the day to day operations of the business are not hindered and there remains a long-term objective which allows the business to succeed.

At Bryan & Company LLP, we focus on a myriad of conflicts arising from business disputes including contract breaches, disputes with suppliers and customers, director and officers liability claims, distribution and licensing disputes, franchise disputes, joint venture disputes, partnership disputes, and shareholder disputes.

We are a firm that thinks locally but acts globally and in so doing are able to resolve business disputes on a local, national or international scale. We focus on all levels of resolution and have extensive experience in bringing disputes to a resolution at the dispute resolution stage, in the course of administrative and regulatory tribunals, or through the judicial system. Our focus at every stage is on the best solution for our clients which leads our lawyers to have an open mind and think creatively, pursuing the most appropriate remedy to the case while maintaining a constant focus on our client’s interest.

We assist clients in all areas of commercial litigation including:

  • Contract disputes and breaches
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Distribution and licensing disputes
  • Environmental liability
  • Commercial lease enforcement and disputes